Start Date
1st Cape Regional 40k Warhammer 40k Cape Town 01-07/08
Battle of the Bay Warhammer 40k Port Elizabeth  
2nd Cape Regional 40k Warhammer 40k Cape Town 02-25/26
D20 CON Various Cape Town 02-25/26
Warhammer 40k Nationals Warhammer 40k Cape Town 09-16/17
ICON By The Sea Various (AoS, 40k) Durban 04-09
Prefered Enemies Warhammer 40k Durban  
ICON Various Johannesburg 06-16/17/18
Warcon Various Johannesburg  
Northcon Various Pretoria  
8th Annual Veterans Tournament Warhammer 40k Cape Town 04-08/09
Killcon Warhammer 40k Pretoria 04-01
Mayhem and Carnage Warhammer 40k Pretoria 05-06
X-Wing Regionals X-Wing Johannesburg 02-18
X-Wing Nationals X-Wing Johannesburg  
Battle of the Other Bay Warhammer 40k Cape Town  
Shaka Shield Blood Bowl Johannesburg 03-25
Into the Fray Various Johannesburg 11-25

These are the major tournaments in the various regions around South Africa.
If you know of a tournament that deserves to be added please email me.

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