Battle of the Bay 2018 - Results

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Battle of the Bay 2018 - Results

Postby q21 » Mon Dec 03, 2018 11:03 am

The final standings for Battle of the Bay 2018 are below.

In addition to the tournament itself there were a couple of additional awards:

Favourite Opponent: Marvin Carstens
Favourite/Best Army: Murray Knox

Huge thanks to everyone involved in organising and running the tournament. In particular: Sjoerd for general organisation and management of the tournament (even if he did take forever to get everyone's lunch on Sunday). Darryn for the artwork, t-shirts and sponsor/prize support organisation. Mark from The Den for prize support. Everyone who loaned us the terrain to set up a dozen good looking and playable tables. Marvin for physically building those tables and a fair bit of the terrain.

And finally, thank you everyone who made journey from out of town to join us for a weekend of great gaming. Look forward to seeing in our little corner of the world again next year.
Final Table-1.png
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