US Bay Area Open 2017 - 150 WH40K contestants

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US Bay Area Open 2017 - 150 WH40K contestants

Postby Guderian » Thu Oct 19, 2017 12:32 am

For those of you looking to come to grips with 8th Edition, and optimising your army for tournaments in 8th - you may find the results, army lists, and video blogs (Bloodofkittens) in the two links below very interesting and informative.

Look at 1st and 2nd places army lists, watch 1st's video clip , and watch some of the commentary given in the other clips :

There are also some damn fine photo's of the army's present at the 150 man tourni ............... but I cant find the ..cking link ................. good luck finding it. Maybe post below.

Also, I have tried the links in my post, and they come up , BUT ARE INCOMPLETE .............. wtf. Any of you tech boys know why my cut and pasted links are linking, but not showing the whole page ?

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