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Introduction to WARMACHINE and HORDES

Postby PsychoMIME » Wed Jul 02, 2008 7:06 am

Ten ton, steam powered machines clash with savage beasts for dominance
over the continent Immoren in WARMACHINE and HORDES. The game is a
fast paced miniature game by Privateer Press
, with rules that allow for quick,
brutal, skirmish battles.

In WARMCHINE the player assumes the role of a warcaster, a powerful
warrior and magic user that has the ability to push the mechanikal
constructs known as Warjacks to their maximum potential, while
commanding a small army of their nation's finest.

The factions of WARMACHINE are:
Cygnar: The undisputed masters of technology, Cygnar has access to
the latest advancements for their forces. Preferring to engage their
enemies for a distance with firepower and lightning, they can deliver
a furious punch once they engage the enemy.
Khador: Grim as their frozen homeland, the Khadaron High Kommand sends
their legions south to reclaim land they see as rightfully theirs.
Their ponderous warjacks, ignoring blows that would fell lesser
constructs to deliver unequaled blows.
Protectorate of Menoth: Followers of the Creator of Mankind, they lead
armies of fanatical troops to purge the unbelievers with fire. Each
martyr solidifying their faith and and determination in their cause.
Cryx: The undead legions of the Dragonfather Lord Turok spread their
unholy blight across the land. Their infernal machines powered by
captured souls and necrotite terrorize the people of Immoren.
Mercenaries: Men and women who fight for coin lend their services to
the highest bidder. From pirates to freedom fighters they provide
specialists unavailable from other sources.

HORDES bring forth the masters of beasts, the might warlocks. They
walk the fine line between forcing their beasts to new heights and
completely losing control. Drawing on the fury and natural abilities
of their beasts they lead their people against the nations of Immoren.

The factions in HORDES are:
Trollbloods: The trollkin lead their less intelligent brethren against
those who would oppress them. Tough and able to regenerate the the
most vicious wounds, they show they are not merely savage beasts.
Circle Orboros: Druids, masters of nature, use stone, lightning and beasts of
the wild to protect their sacred places. Lumbering stone guardians
and ferocious shapeshifters aid them to achieve their goals.
Legion of Everblight: Everblight spawn of the Dragonfather corrupted the elves of the North. His soulless, blood spawned monstrosities that accompany his warlocks as they spread the blight, searching for the power needed to defeat his creator.
Skorne: The paingivers of the Skorne keep tight control of their
beasts that tower above the innumerable legions at the command of
their warlocks. They will not stop until they've conquered all who
would oppose them.

From more information visit the Privateer Press website
(, ask of these forums or contact Total Gee, Menset, alphastealer or Charles
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Postby Zazoo » Wed Jul 02, 2008 10:38 am

Lets not forget the Warmachine/Hordes Motto. "Play like you got a Pair".

Just had to get that in there.

Also for an introduction to the game read page 5 of the main rulebook
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Re: Introduction to WARMACHINE and HORDES

Postby Total Gee » Wed May 30, 2012 12:17 pm

If you would like a demo send Me, Menset, alphastealer or Charles a pm....or create a new Topic and someone will come to your rescue.
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Re: Introduction to WARMACHINE and HORDES

Postby Total Gee » Thu May 21, 2015 2:07 pm


check it out if your interested in learning
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