Mk3 has been launched

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Mk3 has been launched

Postby joppie » Mon Jun 13, 2016 1:48 pm

New ruleset is out, books on pdf and warroom cards.

Here is my initial comments on new rules.

Pre-measure is huge factor. I really loved the guessing game. Now you know exactly to where opponent can charge. This will also increase game time by a lot. In a game like this, if you don't measure everything, you will lose.

Can't charge own models. I used to do this a lot, this will take out a lot of tactical options.

Tough being nerfed. This is good as whole, but the 2 problem units are still just as problematic.

More suggested terrain on table. Will see how this goes, at least legion don't ignore forests anymore.

Some thoughts on some of the armies.
Cryx got hit too hard. Yes they were strong, but theur game changed completely now.
Skorne. Interesting changes, most heavies lost about 2 fury. Skorne has to send in 2 beasts now where 1 used to be able to do all the work.
Legion. Toned down, bit slower, no longer sees through forest
Cygnar. Saw new Kara Sloane? Yep. GG
Retribution. Only faction not to get hit by nerfstick, and they got even better.
Khador. I'm gonna start Khador soon, their jacks are bonkers.
Mercs. About all jacks got buffed, and can now play any unit.
Rest of armies I didn't look at.
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Re: Mk3 has been launched

Postby Dgremlin » Fri Jun 17, 2016 6:51 pm

Links for those curious ( correct me if I am wrong ) :
WarMachine Prime :
Hordes Primal :
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