Battle for Immoren Campaign Idea

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Battle for Immoren Campaign Idea

Postby Kurz » Mon Sep 11, 2017 6:02 pm

Hi All,

This is inspired from the old Dune 2 map, the map in question would be along these lines :

So the plan is to carve it up into bits. Then have players battle it out once their territories border each other.

There are few ways to go about this:
The first is similar to a Risk play style, where the map gets carved up into x parts and then randomly assigned to all campaign players.
The second is to have people take turns picking the territories they want, unlike risk there shouldn't be significant advantages to having some.

Another idea is to have one serve as your capital, there should be an advantage to being your capital, in this case it would either be a full unit with UA or a heavy of your choice (no colossal), there is the possibility of x amounts of points but not all factions would benefit from this. This will hopefully keep players in the game a little longer.

So each game symbolizes a turn, ideally this is done weekly or on the side as and when people get to play, the problem with this is that they may lose interest.
Doing it weekly is a little more symbolic of factions or leaders who sat on their hands while others fought for power and to the victors - the spoils!

Aside from making yourself an enormous target, there should be another advantage to having conquered the world, this may be in the form of a point per land owned, which can count towards your army total. Whether this be bankable or have to be used from week to week may invalidate its existence as some people cannot get benefit from it until it reaches a decent size. The flip side to this is if everyone gangs up against another player - I doubt someone can play 4 or more games a week to defend themselves.

Alternatively the points would only be for final scoring , which at the end of say 4 weeks would be used to determine a winner and thus the dominant power on Immoren.
This may make it possible for other regions to play along with the only problem being they are unable to play against a local or foreign "rising power".

If it does go the regional route then the map would be broken down to localized segments signifying why these factions cannot clash in these early days.

Perhaps at another meet event one can have a clash of super powers to settle the score.

The lands would have pre-assigned steamroller scenarios to them.
One for unoccupied - eg meeting engagement or spread the net.
Another for when occupied.

It may be limited to two warcasters for the campaign, the armies do not need to remain static.
There is a plan that the list that takes a territory must be played to defend it, which gives the aggressor the option to tailor against the list, with the caveat being that the person is list locked into that list (as its the current occupying force).

That's the gist of it, any feedback on how the above could be improved on would be great.
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