Bastion's can work.

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Bastion's can work.

Postby Rorrak » Fri Sep 15, 2017 11:02 am

I played a game vs Evan on Wednesday.

The primary goal was to see if Bastion's can work at all. So I pretty much build the entire list around a unit of them including the primary plan of action. (Inspired by a chess article I read as a Child. "The over protected pawn" (I think it was called) )

Harby in Exemplar intediction.
Reckoner + Devout.
Battle Engine
2 x Knights Exemplar + UA
1 x Bastions
1 x Bastion Solo
Visgoth and Co (Martyr'able shield guards)
3 x Vassal Mechanics

The list is all in on the Bastion protection plan.
If the bastions take trickle damage. Spread it. If any takes a massive hit. Harby Martyrs to keep it on the table. Start of my turn they all heal one thanks to the solo. Then the vessel heals D3 to all friendlies (including Harby and my shield guards)

The vessel is also the source of up to two very good range attacks. That is at least 1 miracle and some damage from boosting shots. (In step the 3 mechanics for an average of 9 points of repair a turn)

I lost the game but the plan has lots of merit. I could have played a lot better and forgetting the feat because I've dismissed it as having no value was probably the cause of the loss.

Also, that Vessel is a lot more fun to play than should be legal.
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Re: Bastion's can work.

Postby und_ed » Fri Sep 15, 2017 11:44 am

That vessel is freaking amazing. Anyone who has forgotten about their battle engines should give them a revisit post-CiD-changes.

The list is functions really well. For those wondering about its effectiveness, I had basically just Typhon left on 2 health at the end, and was lucky enough to catch Harby with a spray and a big damage roll to steal victory from the jaws of defeat.

The constant healing on the bastions (and Harby and everything else) works a treat. What's great is it also gives a pretty unique play experience, very unlike the standard buff-and-kill seen from the Sevvies and their ilk. I highly recommend Menoth player put down their firelighters for a bit and give builds like this a try.
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