Malifaux Tournament at ITF 26th November

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Malifaux Tournament at ITF 26th November

Postby Flabdox » Sun Nov 05, 2017 9:45 pm

• 50ss fixed faction
• Gaining Grounds 2018
• Unpainted models permitted
• Suitable proxies are allowed and it must be clearly indicated what they represent
• 2 hours and 15 minutes per round

• 26th November at the Roosevelt Bowls Club
• R100 entry fee or R150 for the entire weekend
• Registration starts at 08h30
• First round starts at 09h30

• Round 1 Ply for Information with Standard Deployment(09h30 – 11h45)
o Surround Them
o Set Up
o Show of Force
o Take Prisoner
o Recover Evidence

• Round 2 Symbols of Authority with Corner Deployment (12h15 – 14h30)
o Eliminate the Leadership
o Covert Breakthrough
o Vendetta
o Take One for the Team
o Dig Their Graves

• Round 3 Supply Wagons with Flank Deployment (14h45 – 17h00)
o Guarded Treasure
o Hold up their Forces
o Search the Ruins
o Public Demonstration
o Inescapable Trap
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