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Malifaux @Killcon 2018

Postby Horemheb » Wed Feb 07, 2018 12:04 pm

First Cabal run Malifaux tournament hosted by our friendly local bar, The Jolly Roger. 3 rounds of single faction 50ss wyrdness. Prize support by Pandemonium Games.

As the bar is kind enough to host they ask that no food and drink from outside be brought in. They have a wonderful menu and some delicious craft beers.

Registration from 9am. Game start at 10am sharp. 2 hours per round.

Round 1: 10am-12pm
Deployment: Standard
Strategy: Public Executions
Schemes: Inescapable Trap, Set Up, Recover Evidence, Vendetta, Eliminate the Leadership

Round 2: 1pm-3pm
Deployment: Corner
Strategy: Symbols of Authority
Schemes: Punish the Weak, Take One For The Team, Undercover Entourage, Set-up, Public Demonstration

Round 3: 3:30pm - 5:30pm
Deployment: Close
Strategy: Ours
Schemes: Guarded Treasure, Search The Ruins, Dig Their Graves, Hold Up Their Forces, Inescapable Trap

Prizes: 6pm

Entry R100

Space limited so book your spot by emailing me

Malifaux KillCon 4 March attendance thus far:
Zenadia Groenewald
Patrick Gordon
Graeme Oertel
Erasmus Burger
David Jansen
Joppie Jansen
Brandon Krugel
Tiaan de Bruin
Stefan de Bruin
Jacques Swanevelder
Bertus Swanevelder
Gregory Walker
Quintin Hoare

Hein Buitendag
Ryan Young
Chris Isaac
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