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Postby geekgrrrl » Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:28 am

So Quesocito2 and I have been playing Infinity for the last two months or so, though we've only managed to get three sessions in in that time, due to both or jobs being a PITA sometimes. Yesterday was our first full 300pt game, across a full-sized table, and using pretty-much all the rules from the core book. I was playing Nomads against his Yu Jing.

I got a couple of early successes when I took his exposed Sniper down and scored a couple of solid hits on his TAG.

Trust me to mess up the early advantage and overcommit though. With this being our first game using command tokens and coordinated orders, I pushed 4 alguiciles (line troops) and a pair of mobile brigada (heavy infantry) up and splitting them into two equal teams and positioning them on either side of a central building, such that I would have clear lines of fire for aro (reactive shooting) to both sides of the battlefield. While my positioning was indeed great for reactive fire though, I didn't position my troops properly to take advantage of cover, and bunched them up a bit much, leaving them vulnerably to template fire. My opponent took full advantage of that.

He was fielding a number of impetuous troops, including a squad of shaolin monks (yes, this game has shaolin monks!) and kuang shi (light infantry) and dispensed with their irregular movement first, taking quite a bit of aro fire from my teams and my sniper. Fortune favours the brave though, and he got them all up unscathed, with the monks popping off a smoke grenade to mask the advance of the damaged TAG. Then things got interesting.

The TAG took advantage of the smoke and a noodle shack to get the drop on my first team of alguiciles and brigada, taking them down with a a brutal spray from its heavy machinegun. It then scooted across to the opposite side of the building, laying down a withering flamer assault that saw another of my alguiciles go down. I managed to hack the thing successfully on reaction with my brigada and take control of it, but the writing was on the wall - with my lieutenant lying unconscious in the first team I was going to lose force cohesion on my next active turn, so my only chance was to bring my reverend healer (field medic) up to revive the lieutenant, so when he brought a drop assault troop in from behind to take her down I conceded the game.

It was a brutal, fascinating game that really showed how quickly a battle can turn against you, and the larger area, use of hackers and robotic troops, coordinated orders and such make a huge difference to the game.

On the "growing the scene" front, we are now up to about 7 people taking an active interest in the game, with 4 of us having models and actively playing. Quesocito2 has done a few demo games around Durban at both Unseen Shoppe and Batcave, and this week we found out that Batcave just got its first pair of starter boxes, one each of Operation Ice Storm and Red Veil as I understand it, and at a really decent price too. So it definitely seems like Infinity is starting to gain some traction here. ^_^

Anybody who is interested in Infinity in Durbs and up the North Coast (I'm in Ballito) is welcome to contact either myself or Quesocito2 via PM, and we'll be more than happy to get you involved! :lol:
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Re: Infinity KZN

Postby TimmyTauTime » Wed Dec 06, 2017 7:18 pm

Great to hear things are growing in KZN. Infinity is pretty unforgiving with a steep learning curve, but completely worth it once you get the hang of it.
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