Shaun takes on xwing nationals

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Shaun takes on xwing nationals

Postby Chaplain_Steve » Sat Sep 24, 2016 9:16 pm

So an amazing day 1 for me. Thanks to all my opponents for amazing games. Was a real blast.

My List:

R2 Astromech
Integrated Astromech

Luke Skywalker
Proton Torpedoes
Guidance chips

Biggs Darklighter
Integrated Astromech

Game 1: Warren and double phantoms.
Ouch. So I started off slow. The point filled (academy pilot) rushed me as a distraction but Wedge just blew him away. Seeing an opportunity I raced wedge forward away from my formation and he blazed echo into tiny pieces. However once split off wisper caught him and blew him up in revenge. Biggs and Luke gave it their all but sadly the dice came up in wispers' favour. First game lost 100-54....

Game 2: Jaco and the party bus.
Party bus and 2 contacted scouts. Oh boy... This time I decided to stay in formation and give it my all. So the game opens and the first scout breaks off and runs right into the trench runners. In a salvo that left my opponent in shock I drop the scout before he can react. Pressing forward I opened up on the party bus weaking it severely. The bus shot back and took out Biggs' shields. Next turn pulling a sneaky straight 1 maneuver I blasted the bus to hell and back. Now you are wondering. Shaun. What about scout 2? He got caught up is some space rocks. Isolated he was no match for the boys in red. 100-0 win to me.

Game 3: Vic with echo deci.

Flushed with the success of my formation flying I stayed in attack formation and started my run on echo when the Rear Admiral decided he needed to inject himself turn one into the situation with a boost. The boys obliged. Wedge weakens the shields and Luke hit it with 2 direct hits from his torpedoes with Biggs dealing out a damaged sensor array. No actions except repair for the Rear Admiral. Again I let loose with my terrifying 1 forwards and caught the admiral unawears. He didn't stand a chance. Now all that was left was echo. She blazed Biggs away (blast it Biggs where were you). Wedge shot her down to 1 hull as a response and Luke slipped in a luck shot through the cloaking device. Its like he had the force or some sort of plot armour... 100-28 win to me.

Game 4: Peter and his rebel squad.
Pete is always a hard game and with 2 PS1 Awings. 2 PS2 Bwings and Biggs this wouldn't be easy. Lucky me Pete pushed an Awing too far and Luke caught it with his torpedoes. 1 hull left. The the fighting got ugly. Our lists began to joust K turning and 1 forwarding around each other. Both Biggs were lost early but after dropping a wounded Awing and mauling the other Luke and Wedge were free to work the Beings over. Suddenly Wedge was hit. Doing no good back there he pulled out of the grinder and dice after the easy kill. A 1 hull point Awing. Luke stayed behind and finished off the last Bwing. A win for me! 100-28. Blast it Biggs. There's a pattern here.

Game 5: Daniel and his empire aces.
Not gonna lie I was tired at this point. But the show must go on. The death star wouldn't blow itself up. Across me is commander Alozen Vessery and of course Vader himself. Balls. And Dan hadn't lost a game yet. So I opened slow trying to get a ship to over extend itself. No luck. However Vader was off to a side and key to winning the game so he was my target. My opening salvo from Wedge and Luke left Vader on 1 hull while Vessery and Alozen took shots at Biggs. Its what he does. Biggs was a hero and dodged all the shots. Luke K turned in behind Vader. Clearly some daddy issues to sort out. While Biggs and Wedge made their run on the other 2. Wedge stripped Vessery's shields while Biggs continued dodging both shots and arcs like he had the force or something. Luke continued his man hunt staying tight on Vader's tail till the Dark Lord of the Sith was taken out by his son who had no formal training but hey. Who's counting.
Swinging back around Luke entered the fray to find Alozen had been blasted to pieces by the dynamic duo. Vessery found himself caught in the middle of 3 ace xwings and decided to eject. Safer that way. Vader felt with Luke swung in low, skimmed that narrow trench and blew the death star before flying home for medals and a party. 100-0 win for me. Damn.

And now Day 2
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