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PWG: Beyond the Gates of Antares

PostPosted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 10:05 am
by Golf Alpha Zulu
Put this here, as it doesnt fit neatly into any of the sci-fi subforms, but its not a full battle report either ...



PWG played a big game of Beyond the Gates of Antares over the weekend. 10 players involved (if you count the umpire, and the commander of the "NP" bugs) each with a 1000pt force.

For those that dont know it, GoA is the scifi "off-shoot" of the innovative Bolt Action game engine (although the rule development makes it distinct due to tweaks to key dynamics). Occupying very much the same "large skirmish" gamespace as 40K, forces are primarily "infantry" supported by drones/weapons platforms/etc.

It MUCH more granular than Bolt Action (and, apparently, 40K), both in the combat factors (using D10s rather than D6s) and in the unit stats (much more detailed stats and weapon options). There is more of a list-building phase to the game than BA, (which will make it somewhat familiar to 40K players) but lists dont appear to create too many extreme in-game balance issues.

It has certainly become very popular with the PWG players, despite them traditionally preferring to play historical games.