Tau Into Tyranid, 1000 Points

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Tau Into Tyranid, 1000 Points

Postby J4RH34D » Sat May 26, 2018 11:06 pm

I am involved in a global Tau VS Ork (or other army) campaign via Advanced Tau Tactica.
I figured I might as well as give you all something to read as well if you like.
This campaign is the reason for the second post in this thread. It is the "in campaign" justification/post battle process that the commander is doing.
If anyone is interested in the campaign I can post links.

Location: Training Centre Or'vesa, An Ork Outpost on the outskirts of the region.
Game Type: Matched Play, very relaxed list building and friendly game
Scenario: Retrieval Mission
Points: 1000
Deployment: Search And Destroy
Outcome: T'au win//Tyranid Loss (11VP to 2VP)

The lists

2 x Neurothrope
10 x Genestealers with Rending Claws
10 x Hormagaunt
15 x Termagants with Fleshborers
13 x Termagants with Fleshborers
3 Tyranid Warriors, 2 x Deathspitters, 1 x Venom Cannon
1 x Carnifex Enhanced Senses, Heavy Venom Cannon, Spore Cysts, 2 x Deathspitters with Slimer Maggots
1 x Exocrine
1 x Flying Hive Tyrant, Adrenal Glands, Monstrous Rending Claws, The Maw-claws of Thyrax, Toxin Sacs, 2 x Deathspitters with Slimer Maggots

1 x Cadre Fireblade, PEN
1 x Coldstar, 2 x Fusion, 1 x MP, 1 x HOPB, Dynamic Mirror Field
6 x Firewarriors
6 x Firewarriors
5 x Firewarriors
5 x Firewarriors
3 x XV25, Shield Generator, Fusion Blaster, 2 x Burst Cannon, 2 x Shield Drones
1 x Broadside HRR, SMS
1 x Broadside HRR, SMS


Tau got first deployment starting with Stealth Suits in the center of the board, trying to force the Tyranid to deploy heavily on the other side of the board. The ploy worked I think. I then built a castle in the open knowing the short range on most of the enemy models and using the large building center board to block LOS from the heavy hitters. I then finished deploying my stealth suits to screen and become deepstrike denial against the flying hive tyrant. Beta deepstrike rules did play a big part here, as I messed up and left too big of a gap on the left of the board.

Tyranid set up in cover and ready for a flanking maneuver with the genestealers and carnifex.

Below you can see the board just before I finished deploying as the Tyranid had all his models on the table.
The red circles are our 4 objective markers.



Tau won first turn and tyranid did not seize.

Tau Turn 1
The Tau managed very little with their first turn. Tau made a tactical blunder by choosing not to call Kauyon until more threats were available. No better opportunity than first turn presented itself.
Broadsides rolled relatively well and dropped the Exocrine to just inside it's top bracket.
Firewarriors killed multiple tormagaunts and put 2 wounds onto a Tyranid warrior.
Stealth suits harrased and fell back towards the gun line to trigger FTGG turn 2.

Tyranid Turn 1
Tyranids began to advance from their cover to bring their guns to bear and get their melee units into the fight.
Neurothropes smited suits but rolled low.
The flanking force began to move around the terrain towards the Tau flank.

Broadises absorbed a lot of fire with their +1 cover sept bonus, losing 2 wounds. Stealth suits took multiple shots to little effect due to cover and drones absorbing the big damage hits.



Tau Turn 2
The Tau Commander called kauyon before moving to support the stealth suits against the Tyranid warriors and Neurothrope.
The ability for models to move when affected by kauyon has been much debated on the boards. I explained the two sides of the argument to my opponent who said he wasn't sure which was more correct. I rolled, 1-3 allowing my commander to move, and 4-6 preventing him. Dice came up a 1.
The commander and stealth suits killed the neurothrope and 2 warriors. Broadsides put more wounds into the Exocrine degrading it to just outside it's bottom bracket.

Firewarriors and caste stealth suits put shots into the charging genestealers, diminishing their numbers.

Tyranid Turn 2
The Tyranid shooting was innefectual due to targeting stealth suits and broadsides now supported by shield drones.
The cover bonus from Dal'yth did much work again.
Tyranid did earn first blood on shield drones.
The hive tyrant came down onto a flank opened up due to Tau moving a stealth suit in the previous turn.
The charge began in earnest and Tau overwatch killed a full unit of Termagants and multiple genestealers. Cadre fireblade's extra shots did true work here.
Genestealers wiffed badly, not dealing a single wound in combat.


Tau Turn 3
Tau stealth suits jumped out of combat and opened the hormagaunts and genestealers up to be shot at.
Which they were, leaving no genestealers standing.
The tau commander repositioned to put fire into the hive tyrant.
Broadsides killed the exocrine and assisted on the genestealers with their smart missile systems.


Tyranid Turn 3
The hive tyrant closed into tau lines after putting more wounds onto the wounded broadside before charging a unit of firewarriors, killing them and then consolidating further into the lines.
Most other Tyranid shooting was ineffectual.


Tau Turn 4
The Tau line segmented to open up fire lines onto the tyrant and termagants in combat with firewarrios.
Focused fire saw all Tyranids in the line eliminated bar the tyrant.

Tyranid Turn 4
The Hive tyrant jumped at the commander and tore his suit asunder. Very little else was achieved.

Tau Turn 5
Combined fire saw the tyrant slain earning slay the warlord.


Tyranid Turn 5
Tyranid warrior finally managed to kill the wounded broadside and the carnifex moved up.

Tau Turn 6
The tau now went to secure objectives across the board, trusting that the carnifex would not be able to kill any of the Tau objective holders.


Tyrnaid Turn 6
Carnifex killed a single stealth suit but was unable to clear any objectives.

End Game State
Tau losses:
3 Squad Firewarriors
5 Stealth Suits (0 Units)
all Shield Drones
1 Broadside

Chaos losses:
Everything except Carnifex and 1 Neurothrope

Tau held 3 objetive markers, slay the warlord and linebreaker for 11 VP.
Tyranid had first blood and linebreaker

11VP Tau to 2VP Tyranid

This was an incredibly fun game.
My opponent and I both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves despite both making some mistakes.
We played very loosely, allowing each other to go back and fix things that should have happened but were forgotten.
My opponent is relatively new to 40K but played a strong game. His Hive fleet did not mesh very well with his weapon loadout and a few small mistakes were made in tactics.
Overall he played very well and for a long time I thought I was guaranteed to loose.
I constantly forgot to use my warlord trait, "Through Unity, Devastation", which would have significantly helped.
My broadsides rolled hot all game on saves and attacks, which was incredibly useful, and probably what kept me in the game till the end.

We have both said we want to change up our lists slightly and have a rematch.
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Re: Tau Into Tyranid, 1000 Points

Postby J4RH34D » Sat May 26, 2018 11:07 pm

--WELCOME Shas'el Kiv'rai'ka'nan --

... ... ...
... ... ...

... ... ...

This is Shas'el Kiv'rai'ka'nan

We have successfully assaulted an Ores'la outpost equipped with one of those "Sensa arrays". I have grown tired of not being prey to our own stealth technology. If these Ores'la so badly want to steal our technology, we will steal some of theirs. My strike group is in the progress of dismantling the array. We have been blind to the Komando raids for too long, and who knows when we could have our detection systems brought in... Until then my Cadre has orders to preserve and dismantle any "sensa arrays" we come across to secure our holdings against the Ores'la.

I hope this isn't too little too late.

Shas'el Kiv'rai'ka'nan over and out.

... ... ...
... ... ...
--TAU'VA Shas'el Kiv'rai'ka'nan--
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