Tau into Ultramarines, 1500 pt Ambush

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Tau into Ultramarines, 1500 pt Ambush

Postby J4RH34D » Mon Jun 18, 2018 11:35 am

Greetings all
This is another game from the global campaign I am taking part in.

This was a 1500pt narrative game. Tau were set to ambush the marines as they travelled through a ruined city.
The full batrep will follow, but first a small write up in response to some discussion happening on Advanced Tau Tactica as part of the campaign.


--WELCOME Shas'el Kiv'rai'ka'nan --


It is encouraging to see renewed communication between us. This is already yielding results as I will outline below.
Before I give my full report however, in response to the discussion of our ongoing strategy, I advocate that we seize the initiative as a matter of urgency. To this effect, Covert Ops Team 24-C and the 1st Dal'tal Peacekeepers have launched a combined strike to disrupt greenskin logistics.

This strike has gone exactly as planned. Gue'vre Drake acted to destroy a greenskin Tanka that was moving as part of a larger convoy. This attack forced the convoy to divert towards a kill zone that I have been preparing for this ambush.
We mourn the losses suffered by Covert Ops Team 24-C and will honor them by ensuring we capitalize on their sacrifice as fully as possible.

I am uploading my recording of the ambush now.
... ... ...
... ... ...

The ambush went as well as it could. We completely destroyed the escort of the Tanka and managed to disable it. We have the initiative now in the Mo'hav plains. I specifically ordered this tanker disabled rather than destroyed as I believe that the greenskins will attempt to recover their disabled tanka, and the fuel it is carrying.

While Wurrshuv might be more tactical than greenskins we have encountered before, the individual war bands are still much as they have always been. Ambush tactics are incredibly effective, and as evidenced by the Farsight forces to the North, while retreating we can chase and secure large areas of land with little resistance.

I suggest we use the Tanka as the bait for multiple large scale ambushes. With each ambush we will be eliminating forces previously used to hold ground the greenskins have captured. With their defenses weakened and their attention on the Tanka, we can launch counter attacks via manta and our newly arrived long range support systems.

As reported by @--VIO'RA MAL'CAOR-- the greenskins are showing very little interest in much they have captured. Recapturing these supplies will assist in relieving pressure on the supply lines.
@--VIO'RA MAL'CAOR-- has raised another important point that I fear few of us have thought of. The ecological impact the orkoid lifeforms are having. This needs to be contained, and I agree with the method @--VIO'RA MAL'CAOR-- has suggested. This corralling of the orkoid lifeforms is another reason I believe we should be pressing the attack.

For those that agree with me, I am currently setting killzones around the disabled Tanka, along with Covert Ops Team 24-C. We could use whatever reinforcements can be spared, not only to ensure our ambushes are as devastating as I hope they can be, but also to ensure our counter strike is devastating.

May the greater good guide us all.
Tau'va and Good Hunting.

Shas'el Kiv'rai'ka'nan Out
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