Dark Angels vs Ultramarines + House Terryn , 2000pts

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Dark Angels vs Ultramarines + House Terryn , 2000pts

Postby Bovine » Wed Jul 18, 2018 7:45 am

+Batrep 30516018M03+
+Status report inloading+
+Status report start+
+Escape pod detected from archenemy vessel. Landing confirmed on Herod Prime, Segmentum Obscurus.+
+Segmentum command: Instruction: Dispatch Adeptes Astartes Ultramarines to planet surface to investigate+
+Ultramarine command: Instruction Received. House Terryn detachment request deployment+
+Segmentum command: Request received. Terryn Knights deployment authorised+
+Message interrupt: Urgent request from Dark Angels area command: Request deployment in lieu of Ultramarines.+
+Segmentum command: Request received: Request denied. Ultramarines to proceed as instructed+

Eternal War – ‘The Relic’, for the purposes of our narrative the relic was a fallen Dark Angel that had used an escape pod to reach the planets surface. The Ultramarines are dispatched to retrieve him but the Dark Angels can obviously not let him be captured by anyone but themselves.
Dark Angels vs Ultramarines + House Terryn
Size: 2000pts
Deployment Zone: 4. Hammer and Anvil
Deployment: Uncertain of getting first turn the bulk of the DA infantry took shelter in a building. Scout and marine units took forward positions in cover and razorback in the middle. Stormraven was loaded with Deathwing knights, psyker, chaplain and dreadnought.
UM intercessors and captain made house on the first floor of a building flanked by a razorback, agressors and repulsor. Terryn Warden was behind the repulsor and hellblasters. Two warglaives were instructed to ‘Sally forth!’ and a squad of inceptors and reivers took holding position in low orbit.
First turn : Dark Angels
Stormraven moved forward at supersonic speed intent on unloading its payload behind the Terryn threat. Unfortunately due to the deployment zone and narrow road that was filled with troops, the flight came to a halt in the uncomfortable position in front of the UM line. DA troops emerged from their cover. The stormraven unleashed heavy fire at the knight and was able to do some damage.




Unfortunately for it it then was the focus of the UM fire from all sides, and was destroyed. Its payload was deposited in the middle of the UM ranks.
UM agressors were able to advance to the ‘relic’ but were quickly mowed down by a blistering amount of plasma fire. The two warglaives started a flanking manoeuvre and started attracting fire from a heavy marine squad.
The DA Deathwing knights, dreadnought and characters did a huge amount of damage in close quarters before being mowed down.


The chaplain and psyker did heroic charges against much larger foes and were rewarded with quick deaths.

Intercepted Vox Chatter:
>My Lord Baron, you are being charged.
>By a battalion?
>No my Liege, just one.
>One squad?
>No my Lord, just one marine.
>Oh deary me. Should I use missiles?
>My Lord, if I may so humbly point out that you have a flamer at your disposal.
>Ah yes, a most excellent suggestion!


A squad of reivers grav chut’d right on to the relic, but again were quickly decimated by sustained plasma fire. An inceptor squad landed further out and cleared a building of DA scouts, before jetting in towards the relic. By this stage the warglaives had cleared a DA squad out of battlements and took position in front of the DA infantry, drawing their fire and engaging in close combat (slaughter). The inceptors were able to grab the relic and started off.


At this time the Knight Warden was finally felled after absorbing much fire. It exploded but only did minor damage to the passing inceptors.
With a lone warglaive remaining and a UM captain covering their retreat, the inceptors were able to escape with the relic, claiming a major victory.

Intercepted Vox Chatter:
> Dark Angel Ground Forces: Orbital Command, the Ultramarines have captured the fallen and are escorting him off planet. Please advise.
>Orbital Command: We will ensure there are no survivors to reach their battle barge. This information cannot be allowed to reach the ears of Terra.
>end transmission<
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Re: Dark Angels vs Ultramarines + House Terryn , 2000pts

Postby Severian » Thu Jul 19, 2018 9:02 am

Looks grand! Nicely painted and based armies and a nice looking table. The whole spectacle of the thing is why I got into wargaming in the 1st place. Nice one :thumbup:
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