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AoS Warzone Campaign and League results

PostPosted: Tue Mar 15, 2016 1:02 pm
by Danie Smit
You can see league results in Gauteng Clubs forum

We'll be running an Age of Sigmar league at Warzone, starting tomorrow night. It will use the Mighty Empires hexes set. Anyone who plays can join, games will count towards the league and you CAN join after the league is going.

Full rulespack and results etc will be added to this thread

Re: AoS Warzone Campaign and League results

PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2016 1:41 pm
by Danie Smit
So campaign is starting tonight. See below the rules that will be used:

AoS Campaign - The Heart of Valgarn

This campaign will be run using the Mighty Empires tile set for the campaign along with the Warzone Age of Sigmar houserules to play the individual battles.

The campaign is centred around an area called the Heart of Valgarn. In the centre of this, a dungeon contains an artefact of great power (when doesn’t it). The rounds it takes to win from controlling the dungeon represents your forces protecting the explorers entering it whilst they search for the artefact

The following are some terms that will be used throughout these rules:

Realm - This is all tiles that are under your control, designated as such by way of placing one of your flags on it

Neutral - this is any tile that is under no one's control

Time of War - this is the rules for the mortal realm you are fighting in. These rules are part of the Warzone Age of Sigmar house rules

Battleplan - this is specific scenarios for Siege and City fights

Heart - the centre tile, the primary goal of the campaign.

Greatlands - All tiles that are connected to the centre (no longer loose). The game starts with the heart and six tiles around it to be the Greatlands. This will grow as the game continues

Starting the campaign

The starting Greatlands should be set up as follows - The centre tile (the Heart) will be a marsh, with six tiles around it. Every second tile around the Heart should be a river flowing from the Heart pointing outwards. Set up a mine special token to represent the dungeon on the Heart

Each new player gets one mountain tile and two other random tiles. The two new tiles needs to be attached to the mountains tile bordering the open side of the mountain tile. The player will also receive a city piece to place on the mountain tile.

A player may join the campaign at any stage, even after being knocked out.

When setting up his starting Realm, each player should choose a Mortal Realm to represent his Realm, this by selecting Time of War rules to represent. Each may only be selected once, unless all have been selected. First come first serve, or roll off for first choice

Playing the campaign

Whilst players' Realms are still small they won’t be connected to the Greatlands, but once they reach 7 tiles in size, the Realm would need to be attached to the Greatlands, henceforth forming part of the Greatlands for all intents and purposes. Attaching to the Greatlands requires you to connect at least two tiles from your realm to the Greatlands

Each campaign round will last one week - Wednesday night to Wednesday night. A player falls out of the campaign should he not be available to play a game for 4 consecutive weeks. His realm will have all its flags and cities removed (not castles though) and reverted to Neutral.

To determine games to be played, players should challenge any other players to a game (within the limitations below). Roll off for which of the two players' Time of War rules should be used.

Players who are not available to play counts their Realm's tiles as Neutral as long as they are not available (their Castles and Cities may not be claimed due to being Neutral in this way though).

Winning a game whilst your realm is not connected to the Greatlands allows you to draw 2 tiles and attach it to your Realm. Tiles may only be attached to your Realm touching two other tiles.

Losing a game whilst your realm is not connected to the Greatlands allows you to draw 1 tile and attach to your Realm, same as above.

Once your Realm is attached to the Greatlands, you may only challenge another player whose Realm directly borders your Realm. Should this not be the case (i.e. only Neutral tiles border your Realm), you may challenge any other player whose Realm does not border another Realm.

When challenging an opponent whose Realm is bordered to your Realm, you need to select the tile you are attacking from and which adjacent one you are attacking. These are the contested tiles. If the game is taking place against a Realm not connected to the Greatlands, no tiles are contested. Should a player win the game he takes control of the contested tiles (if applicable) AND may pick a Neutral territory bordered ANYWHERE to his realm and take control of it. This may include a player's realm tile which is counting as Neutral due to them not being available.

Should, when joining a loose Realm to the Greatlands, there be a gap completely surrounded by tiles, the player who just connected his realm must fill this gap using randomly drawn tiles as Neutral tiles.

Campaign Terrain (Tiles & Special) Rules

Flags - This is used to indicate control of a tile

Cities - This is the starting location of each player. Should you control no cities at any time, you are out of the campaign and all your territories reverts to Neutral. Don’t randomise which tile the battle is taking place in should the city be one of the two tiles being contested, using the city tile and realm as the battle area. Play the battleplan representing a siege game on a city tile. Controlling 2 cities allows you a 10% army points bonus in your games.

Castles - Each player generates one castle once his realm consists of 6 tiles. Place the castle anywhere in your realm. Don’t randomise which tile the battle is taking place in should the castle be one of the two tiles being contested, using the castle tile and realm as the battle area. Only randomise if both contested tiles contains a castle. Play the battleplan representing a siege game on a castle tile. Controlling 2 or more Castles allows you to treat opponents' realms as neutral for the purposes of taking a tile after each battle. The tile taken should be from the same opponent the battle was just won against

The Heart - The heart is represented by a Mine special piece. Controlling the Heart for 4 rounds is a victory condition

Marsh tiles - rivers may start/end at a marsh. The Heart is on a marsh tile

River tiles - rivers may only be placed in such a way to form a continuous river. Rivers may start/end at the mountain edges of the mountain tile or the marsh tile. Only when there's no other way for a river to go may it be caused to end against any other tile. Controlling a river spanning at least 5 tiles grants your armies a 5% army points bonus in your games.

Forest tiles - Controlling 5 or more Forest tiles, with the forest sides touching to create one large forest, grants your armies a 5% army points bonus in your games. If one of these tiles are a contested tile, the battle should contain at least 2 Sylvaneth Wyldwoods.

Plains tiles - plains have no other special bonuses

Mountain tiles - Each player starts the campaign with his city in a mountain tile. A battle may only be initiated against the city from one of the two open sides on the mountain tile. River tiles may be placed to start against a mountain side of the mountain tile.

Winning the Campaign

Players can win the campaign in the following circumstances:

Should a player control the Heart tile for 4 consecutive rounds, he wins. Note that should the player not be available for play for 2 consecutive rounds, the Heart reverts to Neutral

Should your realm consist of 20 tiles, you immediately win

Should you control 3 cities, you immediately win

Should you control 5 castles, you immediately win

Re: AoS Warzone Campaign and League results

PostPosted: Thu Mar 17, 2016 9:27 am
by Danie Smit
So campaign started last night with 8 players joining in and a few of us already playing.

We made a rules adjustment to the above - you may only play 2 campaign games in a round (week). otherwise it can get a bit out of hand if players play too many games in a week.

The following players have joined (followed by the Realm they chose and how many tiles they now own):

Danie Smit - Realm of Metal, Hanging Valley of Anvrok - 4 tiles
Deon Barnard - Realm of Fire, Brimstone Peninsula - 6 tiles (1 castle)
Victor McKay - Realm of Life - The Jotunberg Vortex - 5 tiles
Warren Kristianson - Realm of Fire - Burning Catacombs - 3 tiles
Andrew Stevens - Realm of Metal - Mount Kronus - 3 tiles
Pedro Alves - Realm of Death - The Endless Deserts - 3 tiles
Bruce Gordon - Realm of Death, Nulamia - 6 tiles (1 castle)
Richard Schutte - Realm of Life, The Greenglades - 3 tiles

The Time of War rules for the above realms will be posted to the warzone houserules thread later today

More players can join at any time :-)

Re: AoS Warzone Campaign and League results

PostPosted: Tue Mar 22, 2016 1:44 pm
by Danie Smit
ugh, time of war rules were too big... gonna have to split the file