Unofficial Tomb Kings Battletome

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Unofficial Tomb Kings Battletome

Postby Danie Smit » Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:20 pm

So the guys at Mengel Miniatures have created an unofficial Tomb Kings Battletome (Battletomb?). They started by adding all the current official Warscrolls as per GW Compendiums, added some Battalions, and gave it all the special rules and points that we've come to see from the latest two battletomes, Disciples of Tzeentch and Stormcast Eternal v2.

Other than that, it's a full battletome, with background and so on - looks Games Workshop quality. Unofficial Content is clearly marked as such.

It looks amazing, and I have no issues with any opponents who would like to use the rules within: ... etome.html

Have a look - I love me some Tomb Kings..
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Re: Unofficial Tomb Kings Battletome

Postby NuclearChaos » Wed Feb 20, 2019 9:27 am

I hope GW brings out an official Tomb King Battletome. They are still one of my favorite armies. They need to rise from their dust covered boxes.
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