Heresy army performs at 40k comp

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Heresy army performs at 40k comp

Postby MattyN » Mon Feb 22, 2016 11:32 am

Hi all

So I decided to enter my Imperial fists into the Crux Terminatus 40k tournament on the weekend to see how they went. After many telling me I would get destroyed, I am pleased to say I won all 3 of my games against stiff competition, and ended with a 3rd place overall with a Daemon army coming first with 21 points, Eldar 2nd with 20 and myself 3rd with 19. The only thing that separated us were secondary objective points which were given at 1 point each.

My list was the following.
1000 points
Praetor: Cataphractii armour, combi melta, paragon blade. Rite of war: stone gauntlet.
2 x 10 man breacher squads, 2 flamers in each, as well as vexilla and sgt's had artificer armour and power fists
Sicaran battletank with lascannons and aux drive.
Landspeeder: multi melta, heavy bolter.

Not very big at all but it performed very well.
1st game was vs Grey Knights (Mission:eternal crusade, dawn of war deployment)
Won by holding 2 of 3 objectives (3 points). Secondary obj: First blood (1 point). Total game points: 4

2nd game vs Space wolves (Mission; Relic, vanguard deployment)
Won by holding relic and tabling opponent ( 3 points) Secondary obj: Linebreaker, slay warlord, first blood (3 points) Total game points: 6

3rd game vs Dark Angels (Mission: emperors will, hammer and anvil deployment)

Won by holding 1 of 2 objectives (3 points). Secondary obj: First blood, slay the warlord (2 points) Total game points 5

We were also awarded 2 points for fully painted and 2 for wysiwug.

Overall this just goes to show that 30k CAN perform at 40k tournaments. It just depends how u play. I stuck to my strengths, using stubborn in cover to camp on objectives with my breachers, whilst the land speeder and sicaran went about shooting everything apart. Breachers are hard as, and their t5, inv saves and rerolling templates really helped, bs5 with bolters does help too. Weight of fire wins end of day.
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Re: Heresy army performs at 40k comp

Postby MattyN » Fri Sep 16, 2016 2:40 pm

The fists have now won 7 from 7 :)
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