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Postby Golf Alpha Zulu » Mon Oct 16, 2017 10:01 am

Just some stats:

Scenarios played
The Challenge: 6
Harry and Burn: 5
Battle at the Ford: 5
The Escort: 4
Scouts: 4
Homeland: 1
Forest Road: 1
Hazel Wands: 1
Total games played: 27

Warband Sizes @ End of Campaign
Normans of Roland the Devout: 9pts
Saracens of N’Bak el Hayk: 8pts
Normans of Smarté Barté: 8pts
Rus of Igor Mikaelovich: 7pts
Vikings of Tor Bjornsen: 7pts
Normans of Andre de Berchelei: 6pts
Byzantine of Cantspellit I/II: 6pts
Rus of Vlad the Reconciled: 5pts

Games played/player
Vikings of Tor Bjornsen: 10
Normans of Roland the Devout: 8
Saracens of N’Bak el Hayk: 8
Rus of Vlad the Reconciled: 7
Normans of Smarté Barté: 7
Rus of Igor Mikaelovich: 6
Normans of Andre de Berchelei: 5
Byzantine of Cantspellit I/II: 3

The overall impression we were left with after this campaign was that
1) It was very much closer than our previous edition. This was probably a combination of all the club players becoming more familiar with the rules of the campaign and of Saga, doing more playtesting of factions before the campaign and planning for battles with sub-optimal lists, and finding a board that suits their play style before the campaign kicked off.
2) The campaign results were very heavily influenced by factors outside of the control of the player - to progress, a huge dose of luck is needed in addition to good battle tactics. While this is fun, and drives a juicy narrative, it can be frustrating for those players who are more used to having scores reflect skills.
3) It was played very quickly. Luck and logistics worked out, so we got through more seasons of battle than we originally planned.

There was no sense that mixing the C&C and VA boards was a problem. Factions felt balanced.

And the homebrewed roster-managment system worked MUCH better than the official AotW shambles. No arguments, no confusion, and yet it still allowed a sufficient amount of "strategic" roster management as part of campaign strategy. Most importantly, it felt true to the Saga norm that there is a separation between the points used to "muster" your force, (i.e. on your roster) and subsequent deployment of those units on the table due to the scenario (splitting/merging units to optimize tactics).
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