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Postby geekgrrrl » Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:25 am

So besides Infinity Quesocito2 and I have also started playing SAGA, and as with Infinity, we're hoping to get a broader group of players interested in the game.

We played Quesocito2's first game this weekend, with me fielding a 4pt Viking force against his Normans. We were playing on a small battlefield with quite a bit of forest for cover, so predictably then I ran my hearthguard and berserkers into the first, best bits of tree I could find to screen them, and advanced my warlord up the middle flanked by two sets of warriors to protect him. My opponent had deployed his warlord and a unit of mounted warriors at the centre, with his archer levy on the one flank, and a bunch of crossbowmen and knights on the other. I withstood a withering hail of arrows initially thanks to the cover and a couple of really lucky order rolls that allowed me to take full advantage of the Vikings' shooting reactions.

Unfortunately running my elites into cover also kinda took them out of the fight a bit, leaving my opponent free to concentrate on my central blob with the nice, juicy warlord inside. I charged one of his crossbow units successfully with the left unit of warriors (he had split the 8 into two units of 4), but then he of course got to return the favour, and between the other crossbow unit and the knights he destroyed them to a man. He then charged in from the other side, bringing his warlord Side by Side with the 8 retainers and charging the other unit of warriors guarding my warlord. It was predictably brutal, leaving my warlord isolated in the middle of the battlefield with horsemen on all sides. In a last ditch effort I charged my berserkers from cover though, attacking his warlord and forcing him to sacrifice most of his mounted warriors to absorb the assault. The writing was on the wall though, mostly in the blood of my poor Danelanders. He brought the knights in from the opposite side and managed to get them within S of his warlord for another Side by Side, and overwhelmed my poor Ragnar.

At least he didn't die in a pit of snakes this time! :mrgreen:

Anybody who is interested in SAGA in Durbs and up the North Coast (I'm in Ballito) is welcome to contact either myself or Quesocito2 via PM, and we'll be more than happy to get you involved! :lol:
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Postby DaImp » Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:16 am

Best of luck getting people to play more games of SAGA. I hope it takes off :)
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