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Campaign at 3+ club

Postby Tai-Pan » Sat Apr 16, 2016 8:37 pm

Hi Guys.

Since there is a section for the awesome game called Flames of War, we decided to put the current campaign on the forum.

This is the second campaign we're running at 3+ and the rules are fluid... Always learn and do better next campaign... :wink:

Rules for this campaign:

Flames of war
Campaign 2
From the beaches to Berlin

All Players must please provide the GM with a base list of 4000 points. This is all the points that are available for you to draw your lists from. It is extremely unlikely that you would field the full 4000 points in a single game. The types of tanks is irrelevant, IE. Panzer IV will go through all the types just fine,

Each turn will last 2 weeks. (2X Wednesdays, 2X Saturdays). All moves/actions must be in by Tuesday following the last Saturday in the cycle or the actions will revert to Resting.
If the club is closed on a Saturday, or a big tourney/event is at the club, the time table will move up by a full week, effectively granting another week. Each turn will represent a month, from June’ 44 to May ‘45
Only books within that time period may be used to generate lists. So for example on turn 4 we will be in September 1944, so all lists for that turn may only be generated from books where the month is represented, for example Blood Guts and Glory (September 1944 – January 1945) or Bridge by bridge (September 1944 – October 1944)
Territories have two states:
• Owned - It is owned by a faction, this will be represented by the faction emblem being in place on the territory.
• Neutral – The territory has not been interacted with, but has a bias towards a side. This will be randomly generated and spread across the map.
Each player declares 2 actions a turn, these will be executed in the order they are given.
Actions from players will be executed in a randomly determined order, except for the last 3, they will be executed in the order that the mails were received.
Action Options:
• Attack – Order the attack of a territory bordering your own.
• Focused attack - use both attacks to attack a territory and double your points up to 2000 points max or the points total of your opponent, whichever is higher
• Trade – Trade the ownership of a neutral territory bordering your own territory, for another neutral territory bordering another player. Only one trade can be initiated per turn per player. If the traded territory has a bias towards you, then the territory bordering your own becomes part of your territory.
• Build – Building defences will allows an additional 250 points to be spent on fortifications if the territory is attacked
• Reinforce - Reinforce your available pool. For each complete 100 points that has been destroyed/damaged, the GM will randomly generate a dice roll and consult the below table:
Territories owned Destroyed unit repaired on a Damaged unit repaired on a
1 6+ 5+
2 5+ 4+
4 4+ 3+
7 3+ 2+
11 2+ 2+

Battle sizes.
The size of the battle is decided by both participants, however, they don't have to agree, they can each take the max allowed army size:
To determine army sizes use the following:
Territories owned Points gained
Head Quarters 500 points
2-5 additional territories 250 points per territory
6+ territories 100 points per territory

If an HQ is attacked, the defender can opt to use the same amount of points as the attacker, regardless of territories the defender holds.
At the end of each game played, roll for casualties.
Roll for each full platoon that died and for each model if the whole platoon was not killed.
Dice roll Destroyed Platoon
1 Dead/destroyed
2 Dead/destroyed
3 Damaged
4 Damaged
5 OK
6 OK

Losses incurred while DEFENDING NEUTRAL territories will not affect the 4000 point sideboard.
The armies fighting in neutral territories represent rebels and/or insurgents defending what they see as an invasion.

If any other player initiated a trade request for one of your territories and no reply has been received by the deadline, the trade is automatically accepted.

Q: what does the anchor icons do?
A: They represent docks, if you hold a territory with that icon, you can interact with another territory with the icon 1 to the left, or 1 to the right, if you spend both turns then you can go 2 left or 2 right.

Each territory has a bias towards one of the players, if that territory is attacked by another player a battle will ensue between the parties.

Q: What happens if my HQ falls, but I still have other territories.
A: the defender will be able to move his HQ to one of his owned territories, If however that was your last territory, you’re out of the campaign. (or the GM can place you in neutral territory, with a bias towards you, if there is any available at that time)

Q: When must the first set of orders be in.
A: please try and have the orders in by Sunday 13th.

Q: If I move into a territory with a bias towards someone else, what happens?
A: You will initiate a battle with the person that the territory has a bias towards.

Q: How is the rating of my units worked out.
A: the rating of the units when you work out the 4000 points is of no consequence. The rating will be determined when you build your list for battle.

Q: So following the P4 example, I can just fill my sideboard with basic M4 shermans and be able to 'upgrade' them to all of the sherman variants, because they are the same tank hull? Read as written that's what it implies, and the rules do insist that you have to gun-tank them to differentiate, but it does seem a bit imbalanced.
A:I'm not to clued up with the american tanks. But what I meant was that if you buy a panther A, it will also count as a panther G or D. Or a StuG F can be a StuG G, But A StuG can not be a StuH in the same way I think you have Sherman tanks and fireflies and jumbos which are based of the same chassis but are different tanks. The T34 and T-34//76? is also seperate tanks.
I think that's fair and within the spirit of the rules.

Q: What does 'damaged' imply. The rules pack doesn't state the effect, just that I can repair it.
A: Some clarification on the destroyed/damage rules. After a game, you roll to see if platoons wiped out in the game is destroyed or damaged. A destroyed platoon will return it's points to a destroyed pool. for each 100 point the GM/CM will use a random dice generator to roll the dice if you choose to reinforce. Damaged unit represents units that had a track thrown or the turret destroyed. These units can not be selected from the 4000 points for the purposes of building a list. The GM will roll a dice for each damaged unit. And if the number is met as per the rules pack then it enters service and can be used again.

Q) Trading territories seems to be a mutual thing, so if I spend an action trading a territory with someone - I get a territory AND they get a territory, correct? So if two players spend an action trading territories they can gain up to two neutral territories each, provided they have the correct bias. Is my understanding right?
A:That is correct. in the case of Mike and me, let's say mike offers to trade 44 for 29 and I accept, then I would add 29 to my territory and Mike would add 44. A player can however only initiate 1 trade per turn.

Q: Will we be playing specific missions? Will we roll for them randomly? Maybe it would be best to set up each mission as a Domination mission as they are the most even?
A:I have some missions planned, Domination don't work well in low points.

Q: So, am I right in saying there are no ‘armies’ per-se, it’s just a territory game? We have 4000 points of sideboard that we draw all of our armies from, and we have one HQ zone that benefits from the HQ ability.
A: Correct, there is no armies per se, you can interact with any territory bordering your own, the “side board” 4000 points represent forces distributed across you territory.

Q: If we commit our HQ’s 500 points to a battle, does the HQ zone move to the area that we conquer with it (if we succeed)?
Your HQ will be your nominated start position, and will stay there, your territory will just grow… like creep from the zerg.
A: The territory points is not assigned to a territory, it defines the size of you armies during battle.. so if you have 5 territories, then your list can be 1500 points (500 hq, 4x250), or if you have 10 territories 2000 points (500 hq, 4x 250, 5X100)
The bigger your territory, the bigger the army it can support.

Q: If we have more than one attack taking place in a turn, I’m guessing I can’t use the same sideboard options for each attack? (I.e. if I have one platoon of 3 king tigers in my 4000 point sideboard, I could only use those tigers in one of the two attacks I made in the turn, and then, assuming they survive, they’d be returned to the sideboard for later use.)
A: Correct. Each side board unit can only be active once per turn.

Q:Similarly, when your damage tables are for destroyed platoon or destroyed model, would I have to roll for every tank that was killed in a battle, even if their platoon wasn’t killed, or is the Model thing only for planes, CIC’s and 2IC’s?
A:Damage and destroyed will be changed to be on a platoon level only, all platoons that lost models, but were not completely destroyed will refit themselves between battles.

Q:When I reinforce, it only repairs or replaces existing sideboard options; is there any way to swap out units, or is what we start with what we’ve got?
A:Damaged units can only be “healed”. Reinforcement of destroyed units will give you points, so they can be spent on anything.

Change to turn order:
All trades will happen first in a randomly generated sequence. Thereafter all battles will occur in reverse order of said sequence.
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Re: Campaign at 3+ club

Postby Tai-Pan » Sat Apr 16, 2016 8:55 pm

Turn 2 (July 1944) has been completed.
The map looks as follows:
map_turn_3_before orders (small).jpg

The order for August 1944 (Turn 3) is as follows:
Turn 3 Aug '44

    - attack 2
    - attack 19
    - attack 39
    - attack 41
    - fortify 52
    - attack 51
    - fortify berlin
    - attack 37
    - Focused attack 55
    - attack 20
    - attack 36
    - attack 11
    - attack 43
    - attack 49
    - attack 58
    - Focused attack 42

We're still waiting for one players orders.

Since there is no trades this turn, we'll go straight to the attack. The order of sequence for turn 3 will be:
1) Mike
2) Christopher
3) Quintin
4) Charles
5) Rudi
6) Danny
7) PT
8) Peter vd
9) Thomas
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Re: Campaign at 3+ club

Postby Tai-Pan » Sun Apr 24, 2016 10:04 am

Map for Turn 3
Peter T had to drop out unfortunately and his unaffected territories were assigned to the players with the least amount of territories
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