Is a Fortified Company a viable option?

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Is a Fortified Company a viable option?

Postby Bloodvain » Tue Apr 26, 2016 9:09 am

I'm looking at playing either a German Fortified Company or a Hellcat USA Company.

Can one bring a Fortified Company to a general tournament and expect to be a reasonable opponent or will I get snickered at?
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Re: Is a Fortified Company a viable option?

Postby CdlT » Tue Apr 26, 2016 7:52 pm

Can one bring a Fortified Company to a general tournament and expect to be a reasonable opponent or will I get snickered at?

Some people won't like facing them: they can frustrating to play against and can be a "deploy and win" force in some situations, but not many. However, a balanced army should be able to beat them if played properly though some mission are easier than others for this. Players who might have a negative opinion on a Fortified list are the same who will gladly run an army of just tanks: to hell with them. All company types are legal and your opponent is not required to field something one may wish to face because it's "easier".

Having said that, even fortified companies benefit from some mobile elements: going all-static is a bad idea. For instance, in Breakthrough or Counterattack Missions, the defender has to move and this means you cannot sit behind forts and win, you have to move to an objective or lose. This gives the attacker opportunities to hurt you outside of your forts. Similarly, in the Fair Fight missions (Free-for-All, Encounter, Dust Up), you need to be able to move and attack to win, you cannot rely on your opponent obliging and impaling himself on your cleverly prepared defenses. There are no draws in Flames of War, so no result in a Fair Fight Mission is a mutual loss. In other mission, the Defensive Battle, they defend very well.

That is not to say fortified companies cannot attack: they can, if you build in some offensive options and some mobile options, but less well than plain Infantry, and obviously less well than Mech or Tank. They do struggle to win tournaments as you are not a true combined arms force: it's not impossible, but a little more difficult.

However, I would suggest that beginning with a Fortified Company is a poor choice to start: to learn the game you need to learn to attack, even if you are more of a defensive player. Learning to attack will teach you how to defend better, and learning only to defend does not help when you need to take the fight to the other guy.

It is a matter of play-style as well: if you can't sit still you don't want to be playing a Fortified Company, and conversely if you are not an aggressive layer you don't want to take a force that require you to attack all the time. If you want to defend more I'd suggest starting with a Infantry Company that can morph to a Fortified Company later, but one that is not required to be Fortified-only as that is a bit one-dimensional.

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