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Postby Golf Alpha Zulu » Fri Aug 26, 2016 9:12 am


Anyone else going down this road? The first stock has just arrived in the country, and it looks great.

Haven't played a game yet, but a read of the rulebook looks promising. From a rules dynamic seems like a blend of Bolt Action and Gates of Antares - mostly BA but with the more nuanced reactions from GoA and the (much better) assault rules from GoA err, bolted on. I always thought BAv1 missed an opportunity to implement a full set of reaction activations, so am very happy to see the evolution.

(For those who dont know the details, BAv1 allows a small number of basic reaction activations - go to ground when shot at; shoot when assaulted; escape when shot at - for some recce vehicles; ambush - if on overwatch, etc. GoA and K47 allow a much fuller set of reactions - any unit can activate in response to enemy actions as in return fire, run for cover, go to ground etc).

There are not a huge range of weird units available for each faction, but I guess that was 1) to keep each faction with a distinct tech flavour and 2) to keep the model range focussed. There are no "toolbox" rules for making your own mechs. (Although the author has said he is happy to create a downloadable supplement for such). Its a bit of a pity because I am sure many many people are going to be fielding miniatures from Dust Tactics, Secrets of the Third Reich and even AT-43 ranges...

That said, I think its the best of the WWW2 rulesets I have looked at. Yes, SotTR is much more comprehensive, has a full mech-design section, and has a huge range of interesting units, but the gameplay is IGOUGO and feels fairly stodgy and old school. Dust Warfare has very limited units, and is also IGOUGO. NUTS War Without End has both a great reaction system and a open unit design system, but the THW core game engine is unfamiliar to most gamers I have met, and is fairly idiosyncratic, so hasn't gained traction locally. K47 uses the excellent and popular BA dice activation system, so looks like it will create great immersive games.
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