Hail Caesar July 2016

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Hail Caesar July 2016

Postby Golf Alpha Zulu » Mon Jul 11, 2016 2:33 pm


The Peninsula Wargames Group recently played a couple Roman Civil War (i.e. late Republic) games. Due to space constraints, we ended up with 6 commands on a single 6 x 4 table*, so things moved along at quite a pace - each game took less than 90 minutes to achieve a result.

Hail Ceasar is known as Warlord's "classical" rules offering, but it is versatile enough to cover the period from Antiquity to the start of the Pike and Shotte era.

*Hail Ceaser uses a similar command and control mechanism to Black Powder, so depending on a commanders dice roll at the beginning of their turn, a brigade or unit can have up to 3 moves in a turn - meaning a 6 x 4 table becomes a space that can be crossed very quickly in game terms...


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