Kill Team experience thus far

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Kill Team experience thus far

Postby Baldiman » Sat Feb 09, 2019 2:55 pm

Well, I've had three games thus far and I've enjoyed every one. It has given me everything I love about this type of game, with knobs on :)

For my first game, my opponent and I had the advantage of being shown the ropes by an experienced player, which was useful as it was my opponent's first game of Warhammer ever. The board was set up in such a way that I had to reach objectives in my opponent's deployment zone, which also contained a large, double story ruin. So basically an assault by my Astartes (Space Wolves) on a defended position. It ended in a draw as I recall. Still, a great game and I now had the basics of the game down :)

Second game was last Wednesday, against an opponent who hadn't played before and who only had 3 Adeptus Astartes Primaris Reivers assembled by that stage. So I brought a force equivalent in points, also Astartes but 2 Primaris Intercessors and 1 Primaris Reiver in my force. We played the Clean and Sweep Matched Play mission on a battlefield with lots of terrain of various shapes, sizes and heights. It ended quickly at the end of turn 2 when I failed a morale test due to casualties above 50% and my force therefore broke. In any case my opponent had to get back to work (he was playing in his lunch hour) so we would have had to have stopped soon after anyway. It was still a great game and showed that it's possible to fit a game in in a short space of time, which is one of it's great benefits - fast, furious fun :)

My third game was later that day, starting after 5 PM. This time it was a three-way battle. One of my opponents hadn't played any Warhammer before in his life and had only just started collecting a Tau force. So we used some proxies to raise his force to just under 100 points and he faced off against my Space Wolves and the other guy's Genestealer Cult. Again we did the Clean and Sweep mission on the same battlefield as before. This time we had less time constraints and the game went the full 4 turns. In the end it came down to the last few rolls of the dice. My Primaris Intercessor Sergeant needed to kill my opponent's Genestealer but died to it's tooth and claw attacks before he could bring his power weapon to bear. Victory went to the Genestealer Cult player. It was a wonderful game though and all three of us enjoyed the experience :)

All in all, I'm even more impressed by the game than when I started. It's relatively easy to learn, lots of fun and doesn't have to take a long time so one can get games in pretty much anytime you have a few minutes to spare. I'm looking forward to more games soon. So if anybody is in the Somerset West area, let me know and I'll gladly arrange a game sometime. You won't regret it :)
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Re: Kill Team experience thus far

Postby ARTWOLF » Thu Feb 14, 2019 1:36 pm

I have been interested in 40k for a very long time, but when Kill Team got announced, a few of my friends and me finally decided to get some models. I have played a few games now and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I started out with an imperial guard team consisting of a few scions and supporting guardsman (two of which seem to be practically immortal on the board and have been decorated appropriately for their service). I have since also built an AdMech team that is very fun to play.

One of my favorite games so far has been when my lone guardsman comms specialist withstood two rounds of fire from three Tau stealthsuits while out in the open, back against the wall. They eventually decided to give up and go for the objective. I imagine that one day someone will find the perfect outline of a guardsman carrying a vox-caster, plasma-scorched into the wall and wonder just what the hell happened there.
My first game with my AdMech team was a modified three-way search and rescue against Necron and Eldar. My two transuranic arquebuses did a fantastic job of keeping the Eldar out of my lines while my infiltrators advanced to the objectives. I think it was at the end of the first round when the Necron revealed the rescue target on their side and the mad scramble began. A few lucky head shots later and the Eldar left me alone and focused on the Necron's left flank while I tried to get in close and wrestle the rescue target away from the filthy xenos. The Necron then hit my Vanguard with mind shackle scarabs and I watched in horror as my own trooper turned his now overcharged plasma cavalier on his fellow squad mate and proceeded to roll a 6 then a 1 :shock: . What were once brothers in arms, were now a pile of ash and a smoldering crater :( . As a last ditch effort I charged the two flayed ones guarding the target with my infiltrator princeps but didn't manage to take them down. In the second last round I got litany of the electromancer as my canticle roll and got very lucky as it took out both flayed ones protecting the rescue target. It was an awesome battle, but in the end I was charged by the last flayed one who tore my princeps apart. The Eldar had been shattered, the AdMech defeated and the lone flayed one got himself a new skin suit :)

I am loving Kill Team and, it being the gateway drug that it is, I have started building a full AdMech army already. I can't wait for my next game!
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