Into the Fray 40k Open Tournament - Saturday 25 Nov.

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Into the Fray 40k Open Tournament - Saturday 25 Nov.

Postby plxvandyk » Mon Nov 06, 2017 1:20 pm

Hey there, just a reminder that we have an Open tournament for 40k happening at the annual Into the Fray Gaming event at the Roosevelt Park Bowls Club next month on Saturday the 25th of November.

The tournament will be run as an Open 1’500 point tournament.

When: - Saturday 25th November, Starting at 08h30, ending at 17h30
Where: - Roosevelt Park Bowls Club, 52 Milner Avenue, Northcliff, Randburg
Rules: - 8th Edition 40k, 1’500 point list size maximum; maximum of 3x detachments per army
Army List:
• Any Codexes, up to and including those released on the 15th of November 2017 will be valid and legal. All Indexes that do not yet have a codex will be legal.
• Fully painted is not a requirement, though having a fully painted army will count for approximately 25% of the possible tournament points you can earn, so it’s recommended.
• Counts-as will be allowed, letting you proxy models you have for similar models (i.e. all the plasma guns in an army may ‘count as’ grav guns for purposes of identification)
• 1-Day tournament, running 4 games during the day.
• Games will be played to a 90 minute timeline.

Entry Fee: - R100 entrance for the tournament
Prizes: - no-one goes away empty-handed, we have a couple of nice prizes to give away, so you won’t be disappointed
Other Stuff: - Food, drink and secure parking will be available

What next? - Send me a mail or give me a call and I’ll book your spot for you 

We ensure that we have space for all pre-registered players as a minimum, so register now and don’t miss out on what’s promising to be a really fun event!

Reply to this mail to book your spot NOW!

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