3 November 40k tourney (The War on All Fronts) UPDATED

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3 November 40k tourney (The War on All Fronts) UPDATED

Postby GeekHome » Sun Oct 28, 2018 9:16 pm

Warhammer 40k Tournament on 3 November at The Geek Home.
Registration time: 9am. First round starts at 10am.
Cost will be R 100 (Everything will go towards prizes) we will also be adding extra to this prize pool!


Pls send an email to info@geekhome.co.za or a whatsapp to 0793094262 to register.

The Geek Home Location:
22, Waterglen Shopping Center, 402 Mendelssohn St, Waterkloof Glen, Pretoria, 0181
Phone: 012 998 8574

Essential Information:
• This tournament will follow an escalation style of gameplay, with 3 games being played,
starting with a smaller skirmish, moving up to a large-scale full battle. In this regard, you
must build an army list as follows:
o You will have 2000 points to build a full army. This army list however will be your
‘pool of units’ to select units to use in the first 2 games.
o In Mission 1; you must pick up to 1020 Points of your 2000 Point list to use: unit
sizes and wargear may NOT be altered from your 2000-point list when the unit is
o Mission 2 will require up to 1520 Points to be selected, as per the rules of Mission
1 for unit selection.
o Mission 3 will use your entire 2000 Point force.
o Each list for each Mission must be battle forged.
o You will have the full complement of command points from your 2000 Point List
for each mission, even though the full 2000 Points won’t be used in each game.
o Stratagems from codex’s may only be used if an appropriate unit from that codex is
being used in that Mission in your list.
o Warlord Abilities may only be *used if the Warlord is being used in the Mission.
Your Warlord doesn’t need to be used in the first 2 games, but the lists must be
battle forged. Designate a temporary Warlord if your main Warlord isn’t being
used for objective purposes. It doesn’t receive its own Warlord trait.
• When selecting an army, use any legal Codex’s or Indexes when doing so. Any FAQ’s that
have been released up until the day of the tournament will be used (FAQ rulings that will
be altered will be mentioned in this rule pack).
• Bring your own rules materials, measuring equipment, dice, and a copy of this rules pack.
• The tournament will take place at the Geek Home Store, on the 3rd of November, and
registration starts at 09:00. Please let Casper or Yarik know if you will be attending.
o Casper: 079 309 4262
o Yarik: 073 246 0071
• Entrance fee is R100 per person. All entries will be used to contribute to prize support.
The War on All Fronts Final.pdf
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