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40k Nats 2020

PostPosted: Wed Jan 15, 2020 4:39 pm
by Dirty Rat
40K Nats 2020.

I was just wondering who will be hosting the 40K Nats 2020. 2 years ago it was Warzone and I believe 3+ are more interested in running Icon. Does this mean that it will be the turn of The Cabal to host it again. I played in their previous Nationals in 2016 and had a wonderful time out at Roodeplaat.
Please can we sort this out quickly so that we can forge ahead with our 2020 calendar.

Re: 40k Nats 2020

PostPosted: Thu Jan 16, 2020 8:13 am
by Doc Rot
Yeah, also could do with knowing dates sooner rather than later

Re: 40k Nats 2020

PostPosted: Sun Jan 26, 2020 10:19 am
by steristumpie
I spoke to some of the Cabal guys (old friends and my old gaming club after I left the coast for a year) and they say 40k is very dead at the moment at the Cabal and there might be a lack of motivation in general to organize for a system they don't often play anymore. Not answering for them or on their behalf. Just saying what the general feel is.

Re: 40k Nats 2020

PostPosted: Sun Jan 26, 2020 7:18 pm
by PsychoMIME
Hi Chris, the Cabal events guy here.

We have a meeting of all the Wargaming Club leads on Sunday, 9 February and we'll discuss the 40k Nationals then. If the issue is near to your heart, make sure there is a representative from your club there. If you are unsure who currently represents your club please PM me :)

In the meantime, our 40k players are organising Northcon 2020 on Saturday, 29 February 2020. You can find more information here:

Re: 40k Nats 2020

PostPosted: Sat Feb 15, 2020 7:51 pm
by plxvandyk
Hi there - it's been confirmed that 3+ will run 40k nationals this year - we'll run it during the course of August - keep an eye on the Tournament announcement group for further info as and when it develops.

Peter van Dyk
3+ club chairman