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Battlefleet Gothic: Leviathan - The Turn Based Strategy game

Postby BFGLeviathan » Thu Jun 23, 2016 3:42 pm

Hi everyone !

I think this will be of interest to some of you: Battlefleet Gothic: Leviathan IS OUT NOW ! The faithful digital version of the tabletop game, for mobile and tablet is in soft launch right now for iOS. You can download it on the app store ( !

We released the teaser here:
You can also watch the gameplay trailer video here:

About the game:
This turn based strategy game takes place during the Shield of Baal campaign, as seen from a space-eye view of the action.
Control the devastating fleets of the Imperial Navy and the brutal hard-hitting Space Marines to repulse the dreadful and voracious Tyranids! Use strategy to manage your warships through the Cryptus system, protect the galaxy, improve your gigantic fleets with special weapons and annihilate the invader before it's too late...

Here’s 4 things we got asked a lot:
    We recreated the real experience of miniatures gaming on mobile
    We’re against Pay-to-Win: A premium game with no microtransactions
    There are 3 playable races in multiplayer mode (more to come): Tyranids, Imperial Navy or the Space Marines Blood Angels
    Progress with your officer and fleet and earn new skills and ships by winning missions

Stay tuned for updates!
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