My first engagement.

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My first engagement.

Postby Falconius » Tue Oct 28, 2008 3:51 pm

Here is a little report of my first battle. Azmodean was kind enough to show me the ropes. Thought I'd write it in a story like format. That way it doesn't end up as a bunch of boring turn 1 player 1 pase 1 style details.

It all started when the Rogue Trader Ordacus was having one too many at the pub of space port Langerman. As usual he was boasting about his adventures and the fortune he was making trading with horrid, dispicable, herretic xenos (aliens) called Tau. He made the mistake of not speaking about them with the prerequisite disgust. Suddenly 4 huge men who sat in a dark corner of the pub stood and left. One of them was the Howling Griffon Admiral Andrus..

When Ordacus was first notified of the three Battlebarges that was approaching from ahead he thought nothing of it. They were in Tau space. By Imperial edict only the Inquisition could search him here. Slouching on his command throne aboard the Impi, he had a hangover. His hangover vanished when all 3 Space Marine vessels launched gunships. The leading SM ship hailed them and the moment Ordacus saw the face of the admiral he knew he was in trouble. Admiral Andrus, aboard his flagship, the SMS Lucky Bombardier had that look on his face, grinning and frowning. It smacked of "now I got you". Ordacus had difficulty keeping up with the insults the Admiral was hurling at him and his splendid fleet of three Trade Galeons. He thought he heard the word "lax" among the tirade and that got him angry. This was of course due to it being slightly true. When the admiral finally ran out of breath Ordacus seized the opportunity to say something witty and equally insulting. The best he could come up with was "Launch all fighters". The words barely left his mouth when all available fighters started scrambling. The Admiral failed to cut the connection before letting his grin slip. The Impi had its fighters on stand by during those parts of the voyage when the threat of pirates were most dire. With the fighters launched, Ordacus realized he was now commited to this nearly suicidal fight. At least they didn't look that lax now.

A few minutes into the fight Ordacus was feeling sick again. The Battlebarges were flying circles around them. Although his other two ships, Archie and Dommy were holding up well, his flagship was crippled. There was smoke coming from the vents and sparks flying from some of the abandoned command stations. Wait a minute, abandoned stations! His first officer, mister Bean tried to sound innocent as he explained that half the remaining crew were already standing by the life-pods, awaiting the abandon ship order. Maybe the time had come to LEAVEâ„¢. The way things were going he could lose the Impi, in fact he might not survive, or even worse, the crew might start asking for danger pay! He was surprised when admiral Andrus hailed him again. The admiral looked distracted, as if this conversation was an afterthought. "I'll let you go this time, Trader. I have to rendezvous with the sector fleet. Next time you come this way there won't be any xenos to trade with."
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Postby Azmodan » Tue Oct 28, 2008 4:17 pm

Lol! It might have gone a little more your way if the vox servitor advising you on battle tactics that you were using had reminded you of the 'Brace for Impact' order....

btw they were Space Marine Strike Cruisers, the battle Barge is Battleship class - Although it is a rogue trader telling the story, he does have a tendency to embellish somewhat... ;)
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